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Retail Art


Our retail services ensure your artwork is perfectly inline with your brand ethos.


Artwork for retail

Our Art consultants create bespoke portfolios specifically for each client, ensuring exclusivity and artwork that is guaranteed to be the next best seller.

Don't get left behind to follow existing trends, with our ever expanding portfolio of global artists we will ensure you will be setting the artwork trends within the retail industry. Let us put together an exclusive portfolio, created specifically for you and in line with your brand look and feel.

Verdigris does not charge to create a portfolio, so what is there to lose, let us make your art offering far above and beyond the competition. 

  • Artwork sourcing 

  • Limited editions and originals

  • Store artwork setting

  • Bespoke installations

  • Drop shipping options 

  • Framing & mounting options for  each client order 

Image by Nikoline Arns
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