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Residential Artwork 

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“We just love Verdigris ideas and originality!” 


Residential Services

Working closely with designers from initial concept stage, we remove the stress from artwork procurement and curation. 

From large scale developments to individual projects, we put our all into each and every project and being involved at every step means we understand the intention of the project. This allows us to provide a truly integrated and independent approach to the artwork curation process. 

Verdigris provide an expert, professional and objective viewpoint in helpIng to build a portfolio that compliments the design intent. We assist in every aspect of the art purchasing process and manage the entire project through to installation and completion.
Each client receives a personalised coffee table book based on their artwork selection, including information on selected artists and artwork.


Just one of the little touches that set us above and beyond.

  • Artwork sourcing 

  • Portfolio Curation

  • Planning

  • Framing expertise

  • Shipping and Installation  

  • Insurance 


Fintan Wheelan

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