Patrica Mitchell

In 2004 Patricia Mitchell started her artistic journey by giving up her corporate career
and enrolling as a mature student at The Heatherly School of Fine Art, Chelsea to
study figurative sculpture for three years. To pay her way through college she
started to take photographs of her friends children. This work became more
apparent than her sculpting achievement and after a while her photographic career
blossomed and commissioned work became busier. She was runner up
Geographical Photographer of the Year, and, over the years, her work was published
in newspapers, magazines and journals.

Eventually, her portfolio was introduced to the British Army who then commissioned
her to photograph a commando regiment on exercise in the wilds of Scotland. Her
work was recognised by The Royal British Legion who then arranged a meeting with
the Governor of The Royal Hospital Chelsea. Patricia was awarded with a 2 year
photographical Residency to document the daily lives and ceremonies of the
Chelsea In-Pensioners. She worked tirelessly on this project, and this work and her
interviews were then published by Merrell Publishers, ‘A Year in Pictures: 

Following the success of the book, Patricia and her family moved from London to
Hampshire where she embarked on an artistic sabbatical to explore other avenues of
her creativity. Putting her camera to one side, she instinctively hailed back to her
sculpting roots. This time - not using wax or clay but by folding, cutting, shaping and
manipulating paper, exploring the art of origami.

Patricia’s unique style of paper sculpture has captured the attention of the art world.
Her passion for wildlife, flora and fauna resonates through her work. From wild
animals to dragonflies and bumble bees as well as Chinoiserie blossom, her inspiration
has been drawn by her extensive travels around the world, mainly in Africa.
Over the last 2 years, Patricia has evolved her artistic talent and is now creating bespoke
pieces for interior designers, architects as well as selling her work through galleries and
notable private clients.

Past Commissions examples.

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