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Marijah Bac Cam


Marijah Bac Cam is a French multidisciplinary artist, born in Laos (1974) with Tai Dam roots. She lives and works in the south of France (Gard). Her artworks are preserved and have been exhibited across different countries: France, USA, Belgium, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, China and UAE.

"My work focuses on the exploration of surface and depth of my relationship to the world in different factors of acculturation through gesture and line. My interest goes from painting to drawing, from abstract to figurative and conventional techniques to digital modern techniques.


As a woman and mutable personality I perceive what surrounds me a lot by feeling and emotion. So cyclically, I express my varying modes of expression, my glance, to different states of mind and different degrees of intensity. Painting is a way to release my superficiality by the dynamic gesture and color contrast. Drawing allows me to dig into my bowels and my organic cells and feel invisible connections and networks.


The abstraction expresses my senses, my spiritual emotions and figuration expresses my basic and primal instincts almost animal.

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