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Maria Bacha 


Nature, colors and materials inspire me the most. I follow the potentials of the materials, in a free, gestural process, which reminds of free associations in psychotherapy and meditation. I see one point and the whole, almost at the same time, again and again. I release and I hold, add and erase, again and again.  I let my instinct and emotion flow, observing carefully how the elements of art communicate with each other; I form a composition that satisfies my aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual pursuit. What seems coincidence at the beginning is a product of systematic observation of every little detail and stroke study.

I usually use acrylic combined with pigments. I work layer after layer, creating transparencies, revealing the best textures and design elements; I bring into being a unique and mysterious atmosphere, in a dynamic and passionate manner, full of energy, close to abstract expressionism.I work in an artwork or in a group of artworks for a week, months or more. I value the process, as much as the complete work. Therefore, each piece of my work has its own life, needs its own time and is totally unique, a one-of-a-kind. By deepening a specific technique or inspiration, several series take form.

For the time being, I seek for more simplicity, clarity and peace in liquid pigments of turquoise, blue and pink.

Through the years I learned that the viewers of my work need to learn as much as possible about my art and the procedures followed, hence I try to share more than before. It is very pleasant to know that observing one of my works, they discover every time something different and that the artwork they bought that hangs on their wall, is their companion and changes positively their everyday life…

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