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Laura De Wilde


As an artist, I try to make works of art that speak to me because of the right tone and tension. It is not necessarily about beauty, it is about balance. Whether it is a painting, drawing or collage, I always start off with a vague idea, knowing that at some stage the work itself will take over and lead me into another dimension.


Change plays a large part in form and my chosen media. I do not know how long the rest of the journey will take but at some stage everything falls in place; colour, space, tension and balance. It develops. It evolves. I am inspired by everything I see, more than by what I experience. 


Another important source is literature, poetry and lyrics. I do not aim to illustrate what I read but I aim to express what I felt when I read or heard the texts. My background as producer and editor are still visible in most of my works; they tend to be graphic as if designing a page. During my studies of English Language and Literature I specialized in Artists’ Books; these continue to be a source of inspiration.

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