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Bar  & Restaurant Artwork


Treat us as your in house art consultants. Its what we do!


Bar & Restaurant Artwork

With competition in the bar and restaurant industry becoming ever more intense, Verdigris will make sure your development will stand out from the masses. 

With a bespoke, expertly curated artwork portfolios not only will the artwork complete the project it will make the compliment your design intent.


Each and every portfolio is hand picked by our experts ensuring originality and if you need standardised artwork for brand development, just let us know, it's what we do.


Creating spaces people want to enjoy. Whether its a bespoke installation, neon artwork or framed artwork, Verdigris will provide artwork to separate you from the competition.​

  • Artwork sourcing and curation 

  • Artwork Brand development

  • Communal area artwork

  • Bespoke installations

  • Sculptures 

  • Installation

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