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Graeme Purdy


Graeme brings a bold individuality to his art as he believes to do otherwise is simply following someone else's path.  There is of course significant skill in using the tools of photography but great images are always driven by going the extra mile, seeing the world differently or not following the crowd.  To quote an overused phrase 'the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'.  Graeme believes this is true for an individual but also applies across the board and as a photographer in today's world we are peppered with imagery from every direction. Graeme embraces and relishes the challenge to find fresh dimensions and new perspectives with the goal of providing visually stirring images that are both different and fresh.  

Born and raised in Northern Ireland Graeme started a photographic journey from a modest school darkroom a world away from the African plains or far-flung places where much of his time is now spent.

Graeme's choice of subject is mainly wildlife.  His passion for nature is of course shared by many others who love the beauty of what the world has to offer and who respect and are concerned about the ever-increasing fragility of the natural world.    Nature can appear cruel at times but when left alone it has a balance to it.  Nowadays wildlife must compete with people and the negative impact we frequently have on the environment.  Graeme has derived infinite pleasure from the natural world and through his photography aims to convey the intimacy, allure and raw beauty of this fading world.    Graeme’s work is most often expressed in evocative and engaging monochrome designed to create a classic and timeless image in keeping with the majesty and integrity of his subjects.

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