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Syril Sancereau


Cyril Sancereau is a French photographer from Paris, based in Malta. A student of architecture and graduate of Beaux Arts de Rennes, Cyril specializes in architecture and landscape photography. His photographic work tries to document the impermanence and fragility of the landscape. Cyril focuses his attention on fragments of the territory, where the transition and the in-between are revealed.

By choosing to produce only autonomous images, detached from any concept, he keeps from his strolls only traces of the fragile and the ephemeral. He deliberately allows all the specificities of the place to be erased in order to create an image out of time, geography or social construction. While creating his work in the footsteps of “artists walkers” and photographers-surveyors, he nevertheless privileges the notions of wandering and loss of orientation. If walking implies, of course, the passage into multiple universes, it is the mental transformation it brings about on the individual that interests him. Step by step, it provides a distance setting, conducive to the return on oneself. At the rhythm of walking, a movement of thought takes place between the objective and the subjective, a dialogue between reality and its interpretation that defines the way it inhabits a place. The act of walking amplifies the landscape experience, exalts the senses, and leads to profound changes in perception. 

 His images want to give a closer account of this intimate transformation of the subject in and by the place in which it evolves. Wandering allows one to let go and question one’s own physical, but also social and cultural limits. It is a subjective encounter with an unknown place arousing strong and contradictory emotions. Cyril wanders the landscape by photographing fragments, the “almost nothing » that question the passing time and the difficulty of belonging to a place.

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