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Astrid Harrisson


International photographer Astrid Harrisson combines a passion for all things equine with a sensitive and perceptive approach to photography.

Following a successful career in the world of art and design – an experience in itself that has inspired Astrid to approach her subject matter in a unique and artistic manner – Astrid’s career pathway ultimately returned her focus to the horse – a life-long passion consequentially finding expression through her work; within the vast boundaries of this niche Astrid is building a solid International reputation for her talents behind the lens and for her empathy with her subjects.

Every new commission sees Astrid achieve something new, something a little different.  Through both digital photography and the graphic illustration techniques employed, her resulting works are, more often than not, stylized, contemporary pieces of art.  Astrid is currently represented in Dubai, the UK and USA.

The powerful rhythm of Astrid’s works mimics an understanding for her equine subjects. Devoted to a career in close proximity to the horse, Astrid is as much at home on a ranch in Argentina as she is cruising coastlines of Northern Iceland or celebrating a feisty fiesta in rural Spain. From the foothills of the Andes to the plains of America’s Wild West and the remotest mountains of Mongolia, Astrid traverses the globe in a bid to understand more about horses and their magnificent native territories.

Astrid shares her discoveries through her sensitive documentations, some of which can be found in her recent book The Majesty of the Horse, a collaboration with renowned British author Tamsin Pickeral, published in the UK by Harper Collins, 2012.

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